Our Story!

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About Us

Koastal Paddleboard Yoga, LLC is owned by local resident Kelly Simmons.


I was smitten by SUP Yoga during my first class on a misty, gray Easter morning when I attempted boat pose and felt the water gently rock the paddleboard.  That connection with the natural environment at that moment lead me to continue my journey by getting certified to teach yoga-- on the water and on land. 

When SUP Yoga Center developed the small business package for the St. Augustine location, I took advantage of that opportunity as it was the perfect way to combine my love of yoga with my marine biology background. 

Providing people the opportunity to re-connect with nature and their inner child through paddleboarding --be it yoga or an ecotour--is life at its best.


The journey to be able to be a Standup Paddleboard Yoga business owner and yoga teacher and fitness coach has been made possible by many other local business owners and friends.


Thank you all for your time, help, and support.


Check out my Interview with St. Augustine Spotlight!

"I met up with Kelly Simmons of Koastal Paddle Board Yoga to discuss what inspired her to start her business, why she loves yoga on a paddleboard, and her plans to do it full-time.

What inspired you to start Koastal SUP Yoga?

I moved here in March 2017 and I got on my first paddleboard for a yoga class that April. I remember doing boat pose while the water gently rocked the board, that’s when I fell in love with it. I knew the basic ins and outs of yoga as a practice and the paddleboard was just a way to get outside and enjoy nature. I kept taking classes, and the woman that was teaching the classes wanted to sell that part of the business and just focus on teacher training, so I thought I can be that person and went for it."