Choices --making healthier ones more times than not

The podcast (available on Spotify and Anchor) that is the source for these blog posts is "You Don't Look..." and You Don't Look-ers are a group of people (usually ages 49 to 69) that dont look or act their age and what helps them achieve this is making healthier choices more times than not. So having a glass of wine vs a bottle. Get the right meal, the right people and whoa a bottle of wine does down easy. Then you likely wake up the next day feeling icky--you know headache, dry mouth....Then there is food. As in dinner out with friends (probably the same gathering as the bottle of wine). You are starving so you get the lasagne and OH! they have Tiramisu on the dessert menu. You are stuffed but its your favorite! You go to bed bloated and uncomfy because the cheese and cream are in there with the wine. Healthier choice, get one dessert to share with the table because by the time dessert comes you are really wanting a sweet ending (literally) to the night, you arent hungry anymore. So a couple of bites of dessert and you are good! So the glass of wine and taste of dessert = you go to sleep and wake up feeling great!

How about your time and energy? Stay away from energy vampires---that person that corners you in the office at 8am and begins spewing negativity. You'll be able to tell quickly how the conversation will go and you can gently let them know that you have to get back to work.

Same thing goes for the amount of time you spend at work. If you are paid to work 8am to 5pm and you find you are staying until 6pm Mon to Wed and only leaving at 5pm on Thursday and Friday and missing time with your family as a result, make it a point to leave at 5 every week day and notice how much happier you are AND the positive vibes you get from your family. That extra time can be used to get outside and get some sunlight which can be precious in northern areas during the winter months. And after you get that family time outdoors, skip the couch and TV-time. Grab that partner and head to bed early--read a book or not (if you catch the meaning) and see how much your quality of sleep improves vs sitting on the couch for an extra hour still plugged into a device!

Making healthier choices more times than not pays off big by way of improved physical, mental and spiritual health. Let us know in the comments what healthy choices you make to thrive in this life.

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