How does your favorite activity vary?

This weeks podcast episode #2 of "You Dont Look..." (available on anchor and Spotify) focuses on your favorite ways to stay fit and active and how they vary with seasons, days of week and/or where you live.

If you live in the Northeastern or Northwestern part of the US your activities differ than those of people living in the southern part of the US in January or February. For example, when I lived in MA (born and raised—Go Pats!) and NY from January to March I would ski on the weekends and train inside a gym Monday to Friday. May to October I would change to roller blading after work during weekday evenings and weekends in June, July and August I would be at the beach as much as possible—swimming, riding bikes, etc. Come September to October, sometimes into November and December, I would be outside hiking under that amazing Fall foliage. Here in FL I know many people who live part of the year up in the Northern states then spend part of the year here in Florida so they essentially skip the coldest part of winter. For them, winter in FL consists of riding around in their golf carts –because we do get a few cold days when going to the beach for the day isn’t an option—

playing indoor sports like racquet ball. Other snow birds have taken to the indoor rock climbing gyms that have popped up. And of course, once it gets warmer many people also play golf and tennis here in FL and up in Northern states as well.

Let me know in the comments below how your favorite ways to stay fit change depending on the day of the week, time of year and/or where you live. #fitspo #staugustine #fitlife #joinus

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