There is always never time....

The idea was to transition from my corporate desk job to being a fitness coach and SUP business owner Full Time. Sure the load would be heavy to lift, but I knew if I gave it time and stayed focused I would realize success, i.e., getting paid to stay fit and be outdoors and have more time to schedule.

Here we are one year and 8 months later I am stepping back from coaching and SUP because I am burned out to the point where I dread doing either one anymore and all day on Saturday I sleep and I fear it wont be enough time to recharge before the week begins again. I would hear myself snap at clients and know that was not who these people deserved and that I had no business being in front of a class if that was what was going to come out. And what was that edge from anyway? Stress--it was from stress.

I was teaching from 5:45 am to 10:45 am, working from 11:15am to sometimes 7pm, then weekends taking groups out to do paddleboard yoga. There was always never enough time.

I was always bloated, never felt good. I would have 1 two 2 days per month where my abdominal muscles were actually visible. Ergo the snapping at clients. The stress was literally making me sick.

The only way that was going to change was by me making a change. Stepping back from two pursuits I spent 3 years training for seems crazy, but my gut has never once let me down.

It feels good to have time to let creativity back in - thoughts like "Oh I've always loved photography. Maybe..." and now the "Maybe" is possible because there is time to explore it, to consider it, to indulge in it, to play with it!

So, here I go. On to the next part of the journey.

If you are reading this, thank you. If you are reading this and you can relate, you are not alone.