You Don't Look

Many people have said to me: "You Don't Look 49" My reply: "What did you think 49 would look like?" This exchange made me realize that while yes, Florida does have its share of "Old People" there is also a population of us that are "older" but not "old". You've seen us...that gray haired guy you see surfing or that 65 year old neighbor that plays golf every day and you say 'Wow I hope I can still do that at their age". What you are seeing when you spot people that appear to be looking and acting younger than their biological age is the sum total of many things done consistently over time. That surfer dude has probably been surfing since he was 5 and that golfer lady has probably golfed for decades. There are three things this population of people have in common: 1) they are fit or staying active is a lifestyle choice for them, 2) they make healthier choices more times than not; example: they stop at one glass of wine, or they have a few bites of dessert and 3) they take good care of themselves, that is they make and keep preventative care appointments with the dentist, they get yearly physicals, etc. I'm using the phrase "You Don't Look.." as a way to start the conversation about we can share tips, tricks and life hacks to stay feeling and looking younger than our biological age. It also the title of a podcast I've launched on Anchor and its also now available on Spotify! Episode #1 is out now. We will drop a new episode each week and topics will include: diet, fitness, self care, thyroid health, & skin care. We know how the celebrities stay looking and feeling great--they have a team of people. We need our own team of people, especially with increased life spans and increased health care costs. So let's support each other and thrive!

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